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Most of the people think that Mp4 are the better versions of MP3 but that’s not really right. There is a great difference among them and the most important is the impression which is more or less the same in aspects but there are some other facts which are important for you to know. The video and the mp3 formats have their own histories and separate uses and their advantages also differ. So for you to know is that is MP3 and MP4 are totally separate things. Here are some of the key differences for which you need your MP4 formats to be converted in MP3:

– MP3- the audio king

MP3 files are regarded as the audio kings while the MP4 formats store images, videos, and subtitles. MP3 formats of files are better in storing audio and they are known as the facto standards for digital audios and for the music software and for the music streaming websites. MP3 file formats work on all the device types and they are compatible for all the digital devices. The main purpose for which the MP3 file formats are important is the way they work and they have got the lossy compressions with which the audio size of the file is reduced and the quality of the file also remains fine. The best thing about the MP3 format is that it compresses the file size and makes it efficient. The users are also allowed to a trade-off between the file size and audio quality with help of the MP3 file formats. People who are the audiophiles can also select the audio files which are larger in size but when they are in MP3 formats, the audio quality is better. Another thing which is important with this aspect is that you can reduce the size of the file and also change the audio quality according to the portability of your device. Moreover, the MP3 files are always smaller in size than the MP4 files even if they are same. If somehow the memory of your device is getting full, you can covert the youtube to MP3 file formats to free up space in your device.

– MP4 has more uses but it’s heavy

MP4 files are like containers they are the storing files which store videos, images, and texts. The simple thing here is that the MP4 files have no native way to handle the coding of the file. There are a lot of file formats out there which have their own uses but the MP4 file formats are the most used and the heaviest file formats. MP4 file formats need special apps and they have some compatibility issues with some device types. So in such cases, you need to have access to a file converter for the conversion of your youtube file formats into MP3. You can convert any mp4 file by easy youtube mp3 converter for the better compression of your files and to make your device light.

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