Best Facebook Posting Habits for Marketing

If you are feeling overwhelmed by Facebook, it is time to consider changing your marketing strategy. Getting to know and understand some basic Facebook posting habits that will get you results is overly important. When done right, Facebook marketing is an extremely powerful option. It can easily increase your leads, attract many prospects and position increase your business traffic.

As mentioned, to win your Facebook marketing strategy, it is prudent to establish some few habits. Setting your intentions, laying out a plan and sticking to it will help you remain on course, and ultimately hit your Facebook marketing goals. Some of the best Facebook posting habits for a successful marketing campaign are outlined below.

·        Enjoy Solving Problems

When running your Facebook page for marketing, aimed at solving problems for your fans. Regularly solving problems and answering your client’s questions will not only foster trust but also set you as the go-to expert in the industry. Offer your valuable expertise and insights regularly to create massive engagement on your page.

If you don’t know, the best way to convert your potential prospects and increase sales is by building a trusting relationship with your followers. This can be easily achieved by being there regularly for your customers. Make a habit of checking on your audience daily to develop this.

·        Interact With Fans Daily

Spend some time daily to connect with your fans and other pages within your niche. Doing this is effective as comments demonstrate real conversations that end up building relationships. The more interactions you create with your followers and pages within your niche, the more they develop trust in as a source of valuable information.

That said, take some time to check out and comment in your fans profiles or other pages. However, before doing this, first check out who is posting to which page. Reciprocate and post in the profiles of those who post in your page.

Below are some tips on how you can win by commenting on fans’ profiles or pages.

  • Mention their first names – mentioning your fans by names will have them feel that you are paying attention to them. They will likely speak up and share what they have in their mind.
  • Be personal and yourself – engage with your fans the same way you interact with your neighbor over dinner. Before sending your comment, re-read the post ensuring that it sounds like you.
  • Be brief – long posts can be easily overlooked. To have people reading your post, make them short.

·        Plan Your Content

Creating a content calendar is the other crucial Facebook posting habit that marketers should adopt. The calendar should cater for special days, holidays, upcoming launches, promotions and important events within your niche. Knowing what’s coming up early will help you plan your content accordingly.

Always check on your calendar, jotting down thoughts and ideas as they come. Successful marketers always know what’s coming up in advance. Through such planning, they will keep on brainstorming ideas early.

·        Post Fresh Content

Experts will advise that you regularly post fresh content to get more followers. Ensure that your content educates, empowers and entertains your followers. This piques their interest and will come back yearning for more content. You should also post your content in as many places as possible. Whereas Facebook is powerful, spread your content to other platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter and your blogs. You can also use certain social media bots to do your Facebook marketing for you.

The other posting habit is to monitor what your competitors are posting. If you find something that can be valuable to your audience, publish it and make sure that you credit the owners for it. Third party posting is a good way of adding value to your fans without creating any content.

·        Structure Facebook Time

Scheduling your Facebook posting time can certainly be overwhelming. To alleviate overwhelm, try to separate your posting tasks into various time batches. A good exercise is prioritizing your money-making activities such as creating monetizing content plan or searching for affiliate links. Prioritize them and spend much time on such activities every day. Use

It isn’t possible to post promotional content daily. However, it is important to spend quality time on income-producing activities. Additionally, schedule time for fans interaction and engagements, writing post descriptions and other Facebook marketing activities.

·        Track Your Facebook Progress

This might not be such an exciting activity, but it is important that you take some time to check your Facebook activity progress. This is essential in getting to know how your fan base is fairing on, and areas to work on. Therefore, plan that you check on your Facebook insights weekly.

Some of the key metrics to observe over time include;

  • Number of total fans
  • Number of new fans
  • Fans growth per week
  • Number of likes
  • Number of weekly activities
  • Activities growth weekly

Facebook insight is a good tool to check these metrics. To find your insights, log in to your Facebook page and click on the “Edit page” icon. From there, you can see the list of links with insights of your page metrics. Another insightful tool that can be valuable is the EdgeRankChecker. This online tool scores the overall page engagement activity. This tool identifies days you had the most engagement and those you had the least engagement.

·        Keep Learning

Successful marketers always yearn to learn new stuff that can change the outcome of their efforts. This involves learning more about their audience, niche, and overall marketing platform. As a marketer, therefore, keep checking on Facebook trends, read intriguing marketing blogs, listen to social media podcasts and other learning opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Facebook marketing doesn’t have to be something huge. You just need to take the simple steps and observe advice of successful Facebook marketers. Through the above-mentioned posting habits, you can approach Facebook marketing with utmost confidence.

From interacting with fans daily, scheduling content posting times to upload fresh content frequently, acing your Facebook marketing strategy is made easy. Something you might consider including is leveraging advertising. Facebook provides various avenues for paid advertising. Therefore, check on Facebook insights to analyze the best performing post and sign them up for boosting. This will land your content to many people interested in your niche.

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