The anti-sand microfiber beach towel means no more having the beach go home with you

Summer is officially here. Although visiting the beach is usually fun and exciting, dragging home a soggy, heavy towel that’s full with sand gravel is very irritated. For beach lovers like myself, to have a sand towel that doesn’t stick to any sand is the priority when choosing a beach towel. Fortunately, the GoBreezie company will put an end to that with its invention of a towel that it claims to be compact, super absorbent, and more interestingly, absolutely sand-free.

The story behind the creation of the microfiber towel that’s sand proof? Wong grew up in a small town in Northern California. He spent most of his childhood leisure time at the beach. One summer, with his best friend Jupiter — his black labrador, they went to travel along the ocean coast of the states. “It was an memorable trip, yet the beautiful beach towels we used all the way get stick with sand easily and makes the post-beach sand removal a pain. With my naughty doggy friend, the sandy situation gets serious the first three seconds you lay out your beach towel,” he says with a laugh.

This inspired him to make a sand proof, travel-friendly microfiber beach towel. The genius behind the inventive sandless beach towel is that it consists of reinvented microfiber, providing a super absorbent, quick dry, ultra comfy and stylish feel during use.

As the microfiber towel is naturally lightweight, the towels can easily be folded into a size compact enough fit in any backpack. Their super absorbency makes it capable of drying you up immediately even when you are wet, the towel itself dry in half the time it takes a regular towel to dry. The towels are two sides printed so it doesn’t look dirty easily. What’s even better is that GoBreezie also have very vibrant and beautiful designs. The patterns are fancy, festive and vibrant. It will totally color your beach day.

You can get these towels from the GoBreezie website at the cost of $59 USD per one.

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