Amazing Benefits Of An Employee Provident Fund

Employee Provident Fund or EPF is not a new term in 2018. Without this, many employees do not want to work. While some think it’s of no use and they must get this fund with every salary. After popular discussions on Quora and other portals, we finally decided to put light on it. After thorough research, our author team is successful in gathering the top benefits of EPF. For calculation of pf balance check with uan number, there are multiple portals. You can check you provident fund and plan for certain benefits accordingly.


Salaries are always given after tax deduction. The government ensures that every employee is giving taxes. While job holder does not need to pay tax while filing because its already deducted. One thing that is free of the tax deduction is your provident fund. If you are a job holder and want to save maximum for future than the appropriate method is to give maximum salary for EPF. At the end of your job tenure or between your job, you can get it to cover urgent needs.

Long-Term Investment

For jobholders, its difficult to make a pool and save money every month. No matter how much effort you are putting in savings, but budget control is the most difficult factor faced by every job holder. In our research, we realized that employees consider provident fund the best way of long-term investment. The company’s pool is regulated by governmental instructions and funds are maintained accordingly. In this way after a long job tenure, the employee gets a big amount saved from salary with additional interest. Therefore, EPF is a long-term investment for every employee.


You can also consider it as an insurance. Whenever you face an uncertain situation, you can ask or file a claim for provident fund. The employer will release your funds, and you will get a big amount to cover your needs. In this way, the provident fund can also be considered an emergency fund.

Ease Of Access

The access to of pf balance check with uan number is really easy with online portals. You can check the balance and withdraw the funds whenever needed.

Goals Like Education & Marriage

If you have goals like an academic degree, marriage or foreign travel, EPF will always help you. The job holder can ask for withdrawing the fund, and it will help in certain goals.

Medical Emergency Treatment

Uncertain accidents and treatments are not known. If you face any situation and running out of money, then the best way is to get your provident fund from the employer.

Real Estate Purchase

After retirement, every employee wants to own house or property. The money collected in EPF pool is a significant amount that helps a job holder to buy property or house after retirement.

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