All you should know about thermoplastic products

The thermoplastic products are now available around the globe and many companies have started manufacturing it. Some of them, like the EREZ thermoplastic products, are available to your over the internet as well. But the thing is that many people don’t know much about the thermoplastics, what they are and why they are used, which is what we will discuss in this article.

What is thermoplastic?

Many people confuse the thermoplastic with thermoset materials. However, there is a difference between the two. The thermoplastic refers to the materials which are organic but will melt upon heating into a liquid. The formation takes place when they are melted or reach the viscous phase. From there, the manufacturers form them into shapes and cool them down to achieve the final result. However, the thermoset plastics remain in a solid state.

Types of thermoplastics

The cost of the EREZ thermoplastic products you purchase largely depend on the type of the thermoplastic you use. Some of them are expensive and are so strong that they are used in place of metal and on the other side you see several cheap options being used in day to day products. The fact that these items are easy to shape when they are hot gives manufacturers a variety of options when it comes to making products. Just to give you a chance, the keyboard with which I am typing right now and the CD of your favorite movie all are made of thermoplastics.

Also, the thermoplastics can be categorized into two types labeled as the high temperature and engineering thermoplastics. The high temp ones include PVC, polypropylene, etc. The engineering ones are flame retardant and are known to have the ability to be exposed to high heat without much trouble. These cost more than the other types and the examples include the nylon and polyester.

The polyester resin is another common thermoplastic used in various products in the modern day. They are inclined to a more high-end use and are seen in car bodies and garden furniture.

Apart from the above, you also have the polymethyl methacrylate which can be seen in lenses and windows.

Processing of thermoplastic

The thermoplastic is processed in a number of different ways. The primary methods include the Injection molding, extrusion, and thermoforming. The chemistry of the material defines how strong and durable they are as well as how they feel. One can get products that feel like rubber as well as items which feel as strong as an aluminum object with the use of thermoplastics. Also, they can withstand various weather conditions as well as severe exposure to heat.

Final words

The thermoplastic materials are used for various products. The fact that they can be produced in high volume and high precision while keeping things in affordable cost range makes them preferable for many individuals. Also, they can be as hard as metals and can be used without deforming the shape while tolerate varying temperature makes them versatile in their application.


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