5 Ultimate Rules to Estimate your CNC Machining Part Price?

OEM Aluminum alloy parts manufacturing and precision manufacturing are generally carried out by means of CNC machining and metal stamping. However, due to the low entry threshold of CNC machining, many CNC processing workshops on the market have price and quality uncertainty. Today, let’s take a look at how to find a CNC machining in China service that is guaranteed and not too expensive.

As for finding the right CNC machining factory, you need to understand that there are many small factories in China but they do not have a good track record. Therefore, it is better to find big well-established factory for large quantities. ISO 9001 certification could help you to screen out some bad ones. Besides, we need to find the right CNC machining factory according to our own needs, generally according to the nature and processing time of the product. The quotes in the industry are also very different. The quotes could very much among factories. If you want to find a guaranteed but cost-effective service, it is best not to find a broker or dealer or trading company. You should look for a physical factory. Shenzhen VIM Technology, a CNC Machining & Metal Specialist is your option.

How to calculate the price of CNC Machined parts

  1. Depends on your drawings and technical requirements
  2. The cost and size of your materials
  3. The general parts are calculated according to the material cost + processing fee + profit. The processing fee is determined by the process. The price of using different processing equipment is of course different. Some calculations according to working hours (turning time, grinding time, etc.) Some are calculated according to the process (such as how much the folding board is folded, how much is the ordinary drilling, etc.)
  4. There is a question of quantity, the amount is large, of course, it will be cheaper. If it is a single piece, it will be a miserable price. Even if it is a small piece, the material is not retail. It is the price of your whole board! For example, you said you need a 3mm CNC Machining part. A manufacturer can only buy a board (such as 1220 * 2440). Your material cost is still very high in this case.
  5. The problem with the factory. If the CNC Machining parts can be processed inside the plant, of course, there is good. But if the processing plant itself has some processes to be outsourced, then the price will increase accordingly. So looking for a processing factory is also looking for the right, looking for what they can do, good at doing.

This passage is brought you by Shenzhen VIM Technology, the CNC Machining & Metal Stamping Specialist in China, owns 5000sqm factory in China, provide to several listed companies in US, Europe and Asia. Welcome for getting free quotes on your OEM metal products.




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