5 must-know UAE employment laws and rights

No matter where you live and where you work, having a proper knowledge regarding your rights is very important.

Employee rights

Employees should have a proper idea of the laws where they work but with that, they should know about their rights as well. Labour lawyers in UAE can come to your aid at the instant you feel their need.


In the case of annual leave, the workers should get their basic wage if they are on their leave. No employers can cut the basic wage of the employees when the employees are on leave.

It is considered unlawful if a person is employed even during his annual leave for more than one time in 2 years. The employers have the right to delay the leave of the employees but he cannot cancel the leave.

Official holidays should be paid

On different occasions, the employees are to be paid and there should be no deduction on official occasions. Seek labour law advice if your company doesn’t let you take off on these official holidays.

Here are some of the days on which the paid holidays are granted to the employees.

  • 1 day off for New Year’s Day (Hijri)
  • 1 day off for New Year’s Day (Christian)
  • 2 days off for Eid ul Fitr
  • 3 days off for Eid ul Adha
  • 1 day off for the Birthday of the Prophet
  • 1 day off for the Ascension of the Prophet
  • 1 day off for the national day

For such holidays, employees are to be paid and it would be considered unlawful if the company doesn’t pay the employees on such holidays. If the employees are not paid on these official holidays, they can register a complaint against their company to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation

Employer’s consent for the resignation

If you are working in a company under an unlimited contract but the condition of the company is not good and is not paying salaries to the employees, you can easily resign. The company cannot refuse your resignation and it would be considered illegal if it does so. Your resignation letter will be considered valid as the consent of the employers is not necessary for the approval of resignation letters.

Accident compensation for workers

If an employee dies due to the workplace accident, the family of the deceased employee will be given compensation equal to the basic remuneration of the employee for 24 months. Also, the compensation amount may not be less than Dh18.000 or more than Dh35.000. take the help of UAE labour law consultants if the company seems reluctant in paying the family after the employee dies at the workplace.

Unpaid salary because of ownership shifting

If the establishment you are working for gets sold and you do not receive your payment after that, it would be considered invalid. His is because the contracts are valid till 6 months after the change of the establishment. After the time period has been completed, the new employer will bear the liability solely.

If you know all the UAE labour laws, you will be able to deal with all the problems you face at your workplace. HHS Lawyers and Legal Consultants can assist you in such circumstances and can provide you guidance regarding the steps you should take further can


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