4 Best Places to Purchase Real Estate Overseas

Are you looking for a place to purchase real estate? If yes, then only pick the best locations. Here are the top four spots to buy real estate overseas.

  1. Thailand

Thailand has a vibrant agricultural sector as well as a robust economy and a growing tourism industry. This makes the nation ideal for purchasing a property. The only disadvantage is that land can only be owned on leasehold by foreigners. Foreigners can also own condos freehold, but it has to be less than 49 percent of the complete area of the building.

As a result, most foreigners concentrate on the condo market. Also, a condo is more affordable and more comfortable in management as compared to owning a property. Bangkok was the top visited city in the globe, ahead of Paris and London. This means that there will always be customers for your rental property.

  1. Dominican Republic

When buying real estate in the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo is the ideal city. The city is the go-to destination for business travelers, making it suitable for real estate. This country enjoys progressive growth and rising foreign direct investment. Compared to 2016, the number of tourists increased from 5.9 million to 6.5 million in 2017.

If you purchase a furnished rental in this market, you can earn a steady income and excellent capital appreciation. One of the top real estate opportunities is to invest before construction in a property targeted at the business traveler market. Business persons staying for over a week prefer an apartment as opposed to a hotel.

Getting financing as a non-resident is possible. However, it is best to be ready to cover the mortgage in case there is a delay in monetization of the investment. The financing process is strict and requires good credit. This is no different from Tampa in Miami where the process is also tight to prevent bad credit loans Tampa. Apartments in Santo Domingo city offer great rental income that can cover the mortgage payment.

  1. Brazil

Brazil is a big nation of various property markets. As a buyer, you can concentrate on the Fortaleza area, a coastal region that is a top destination among tourists in Brazil. Rentals that emphasize on the local holiday market can get over 8 percent net yield.

The Brazilian Real has maintained stability against the US dollar at 3.92 real to 1 USD, as at now. However, this rate is weak when compared to the 1.6 real to 1 USD which prevailed ten years ago. The weak currency and great yields make this nation a robust buy.

  1. Panama

Panama is a great place to buy real estate due to its agricultural opportunities and apartments for rental. Resale transactions have slowed down in Panama City, making it a buyers’ market in the short run. You can purchase on a dip as you remain bullish in the long run when it comes to this rentals market. As yields progressively get strong, they were even stronger years ago. This is due to the softening of the rents.

While markets in this region have collapsed and others struggled, Panama real estate market remains stable and growing over the past decade. This is due to buyers from Venezuela, Colombia, and Argentina. As Europeans and North Americans continue to purchase real estate in this city, China has entered as a new player. This will boost the prices of properties and increase returns on investment.


From Thailand to Panama, these places offer an excellent return for your investment. The investments are also dynamic and range from rentals to agricultural land.


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