3 Differences In Light And Heavy Industrial Welding Machines

A suitable and good welding machine can help you save your effort and time, and produces a high-quality result. Before you purchase one, there are some things that you must be clear about. For instance, the kind of welding work you have to do, whether or not you will continue the projects over the next couple of months, whether or not you have the ability to learn, do you have that much patience and desire to do this work, how much can you afford while buying a new welding machine, 220V power is supportive or not, kind of materials you need to weld, and much more stuff like that. When you have all these in your mind, you will come to know what kind of a welding machine you require.

Kinds of welding machines:

There are different kinds of welding machines, for example, MIG welders, TIG welding, stick welding, arc welding, etc. Their differences are based on their characteristics, features, and appearances. Some are better than the others. For instance, stick welding is the most convenient to use and learn, TIG welding produces clean and high-quality weld, MIG welders can be applied to various kinds of materials.

They have some shortcomings as well. Like, MIG welding needs shielding gas to be purchased increasing the overall cost, TIG welding requires a lot of training and is thus not quite easy to learn and use, stick welding is the least efficient of all the welding machines.

Light and heavy industrial welding machines:

Depending upon the structure and weight, there are light as well as heavy industrial welding machines,  both having different features. Following are the main differences in light and heavy industrial welding machines.

  • Working life

Light welding machine has more working life as compared to the heavy welding machine.

  • The difference in the maintenance

A heavy welding machine needs more maintenance in contrast to the light welding machine. Also, it’s more difficult to do that in case of the heavy machine rather than the light one.

  • Functionality

A light industrial welding machine possesses superior functionality than the heavy welding machine. This is because when a machine is easy enough to be kept maintained, its functionality automatically increases than the one who is difficult to be kept in function.

Above mentioned are the three main differences in the light and heavy industrial welding machines along with many others, like there may be some difference in the prices or the type of materials they can work on, etc. Hence, while purchasing a welding machine, you must be clear about everything you need to do, like your budget, how much you can maintain the machine, are you able to learn, type of materials you want to weld, any plan to work on long projects, etc. These considerations help you choose the most suitable and reliable welding machine that best suits you and your work. You can also make a list of all these and then decide.


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