15 moving tips for an easy move

Moving can be a stressful process if not planned well. You cannot expect a smooth move if you wait until the last minute to start packing. A successful move consists of advance planning and an efficient moving strategy. But there are some moving tips with can make your house or office move easier by helping you pack and move smartly.

  1. Don’t forget the admin works:

Inform the authorities about your change of address for utilities and cable. Go to the post office and change your address whether you have subscribed for a magazine or not.

  1. One of the biggest moving tips is to search for free moving boxes:

Instead of purchasing the moving boxes, go to liquor stores, medical stores, or grocery stores to get high-quality boxes free of cost.

  1. Throw away unnecessary stuff:

Save moving money by throwing away things you no longer need. You can even sell it at a cheap rate if they hold some value. Consider donating them to the people helping you with the packing.

  1. Pack smartly:

Start packing things you use the least. Pack heavy items at the bottom of the box and light objects on top.

  1. Zip-tie hangers with clothes:

Zip-tie them together and wrap the whole lot in a plastic wrap. Packing them on hangers saves a lot of time.

  1. Use clothes to wrap fragile items:

If you run out of bubble wraps, use towels and bedsheets to pack fragile items. You can also use socks as padding for your glasses.

  1. Dismantle furniture:

Dismantle every furniture that you can for easy packing and shifting. You can fill furniture with drawers with items to save space.

  1. Pack plates vertically:

There are fewer chances of the plates breaking if packed vertically.

  1. Cling wrap jewelry and items containing liquid:

Cling warp items like soap products to prevent spilling. Cling wrapping the jewelry inhibits tangling.

  1. Label the boxes:

Label all the sides inducing the top of the moving box with the number, room in which the contents belong to, and the contents. Numbering the boxes will help keep a track if any were misplaced during the move. You can also color coding for easy identification of which box has the contents of which room.

  1. Click pics:

Click pics of electronic wiring to know which wire goes where while reassembling them. Also click pics of your old home once cleaned if you are renting, and have a problematic landlord who will cause issues with the deposit.

  1. Use soap bars to fill the nail holes:

Do this as it can come in the way of your deposit money.

  1. Don’t pack around kids and pets:

Keep your kids/ pets in a calm room with sufficient food and toys. Consider hiring a sitter especially on the moving day.

  1. Keep a bag of essentials close to you:

This will contain valuables such as jewelry, phone, and laptop along with essentials such as towels, toiletries, and a change of clothes.

  1. Plan in advance whether you want to hire a removalist or not:

They are specialized in moving, and hence, they are worth the investment. But it is crucial to select a reputable removalist company if you are hiring one.

These moving tips guarantee the least damage and increased efficiency. But, always remember to plan your move and start packing well in advance.

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