10 Spectacular places to visit in Chbika

If you are thinking to have a tour to Morocco then you must know about the scenic beauty of the world. There are several things and places to visit. Never ignore Chbika for this purpose. There are several other places to visit here. It is world’s greatest place to travel. In the province of Gulemim-Oued Noun a rural commune of Tan-Tan the Chbika is a town. It is situated in a coastal area of Morocco. The small coastal town is located to the west of the city of Tan-Tan.

Attraction in Chbika

Start your vacations from visiting this modern and small coastal town that is known as the wonderland. Include Im Wadin in your Chbika trip to visit. There are several attractions other than this place here.

  • Shbaika
  • Pont sur Oued
  • Oued Chbika
  • Western Sahara
  • Dunes
  • Coast near Tan Tan

There are many other options for outdoor lovers. You can enjoy hunting lodge, hotels, clubs and other visitor centers. For taking the complete benefit of your visit arrive early. The opening time of the visitor’s center is nine AM. There are numerous things waiting for you. Select comfy shoes to visit these areas. With help of the advanced research you will enjoy in the better way and the history as well.


The coastal town offers many places to visit here. It offers spectacular view of downtown and the coastal area. You can easily see to the water features and enjoy beautiful sunset here. Enjoy with your family here by visiting this beautiful area. The modern town is the name of real fun and the innovative activities are waiting for you. It is the place that is favorite spot of the tourists. It is a famous spot for picnic and enjoyment near beach.

Pont sur Oued

It is another attraction of Chbika that offers spectacular views. It is located near Dunes at distance of an hour drive from the city. It is considered that world history has formed on these basis. In your bus tour you can visit several sites here.


It is a real desert beauty that offers scenic beauty of sand and its hills. It is wonderful place for children because families can spend nights here. It is formed for the children fun and enjoyment. It is a real source of the enjoyment and a perfect spot for fun. This spot is a renowned and the best commercial center that has begun working in design and style industry and now has demonstrated it an unconquered figure.

Western Sahara

If you have planned to visit the place then it is a great idea. The wonders of the yellow sand and the desert are amazing. Attractions are in all corners of the area shows to historical landmarks. Your trip is incomplete without visiting this spot. It will be a thrilling experience due to speedy rides. It is very amazing to enjoy here on the sandy hills. You can watch native wildlife. Passengers are free to take affordable and eco-friendly light-rail service inside.

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