Guido at the age of 10 discovered his passion for music, when he was chosen to act in all the main roles in all musical amateur plays at elementary school.

He decided to attend Music School, where he elaborated his studies of instrumental music, both theory and practice.

He also studied classical guitar and sang in the School choir, performing in concerts and taking part in important Italian music contests.

Then he became part of ‘ CONCENTUS ’, a classical vocal quintet started at the School by 14 years old guys, taking part successfully in various renowned contests: ‘Gran Premio F. Marcacci’ in Teramo,  the International Contest in Arezzo (fourth place) and ‘Franchino Gaffurio’ National Contest in Quartiano di Lodi where he won the first place in the ‘Historical Program’ section.

In this context, he approached solo vocal music, developing a deep interest in vocal music and choral music practice.

For this reason, he began studying vocal music in Milan in 2010, at  CPM, ‘ Centro Professione Musica ’, where he got his 9/10 diploma two years later.


He also took part in some vocal masterclasses with:

Cheris Deverill (Vocal Coach)

Philip Sutton (Vocal Coach)

Mary Setrakian (Vocal Coach)

Joey Blake (Vocalist)

Gegè Telesforo (Singer)

Bob Chilcott (The King’s Singers)

Angelo Fernando Galeano (Musical Theatre and Bel Canto)

The Real Group (Award Winning Vocal Group)

The Swingles (Award Winning Vocal Group)


In 2011 Albert Hera, chooses him as chorister  in his music album, on his Italian dates of ‘AriA’ show.

Master Hera later chooses him again for his 2012 ‘Albert Hera Quintet’, a multi-faceted a cappella project.

In August 2013, he takes part in the Choral Master of ‘ Guildhall School of Music and Drama ’ in London.

Ever since 2011 he has been teaching Vocal Technique at ‘ Insieme Musica ’ in Cuneo.

Ever since 2013 he has been teaching Modern Singing, Vocal Technique, acappella vocal training and vocal group coaching at ' Fondazione Fossano Musica '.

He sing in " Comedaccordo Vocal Quintet ", pop/rock vocal quintet.

Owner in an acappella studio project, ' As a Mix ' and ' WAY TO HOLLYWOOD ' official frontman. 

He is CASA Ambassador for Italy.

He is the only one in Italy, in 50 years, to reach the second place in The Swingles audition, tenor 2.




Diplomato al CPM di Milano con il massimo dei voti.

E' docente di Canto Moderno all'Associazione ' Insieme Musica ' di Cuneo.

E' docente di Canto Moderno alla ' Fondazione Fossano Musica '  di Fossano. 

E' primo tenore nel  ' Comedaccordo Vocal Quintet '.

E' frontman della band ' Way to Hollywood ' . 

Responsabile del progetto vocale ' As a Mix' , insieme a Lorenzo Subrizi. 

 Ha partecipato alla Master Corale Professionale della ' Guildhall School of Music and Drama ' di Londra.

 E' Ambasciatore per l'Italia della società di musica a cappella americana " CASA ".

 Unico italiano, in 50 anni di storia, ad essere arrivato alla finale mondiale per entrare nei " The Swingles ", posizionandosi al secondo posto. 


About him..

"You sing like an angel." 

Morten Vinther ( The Real Group )

"A beautiful voice and a sensitivity to the tone, dynamics and rhythm unique in its kind."

Katarina Henryson ( The Real Group )

"Guido, my dear friend. What a week I shared with you guys in Fossano for Vocalmente festival.

Memorable in many ways. Love your singing. An absolutely stunning voice. You're a talented.

Keep on and..come to Sweden!"

Anders Edenroth ( The Real Group )

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